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Friday Fun - Job descriptions - What would you require of a driver applying to race for you?

Published by Christine

Following the discovery of the Stefan GP website earlier this week, and their advertisement for F1 personnel, we were a bit surprised at their openness in the job descriptions. The English isn't the best, and they also offer up a fantastic line that is bordering on the unethical:

Slightly advantage if you are ex Toyota F1!

So, this week's Friday Fun pays homage to the F1 team who have no grid slot, Stefan GP. If you were the boss of an F1 team, how would you advertise for new staff? What would you specify in the job description?

I have already touched on this a little bit in my Thursday Thoughts answer this week, where I decided:

My wish list is actually quite a simple one - I only want drivers in my team who are on Twitter, and use it a lot. The added communication, the contact with the fans, the feeling of inclusion in events is something that is extremely valuable to a team. Just ask Mr C how he feels about Claire Williams after watching her Twitter feed all week.

That's the rule. Tweet and you're in. What requirements or requests do you have for your potential employees?