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Friday Fun - Hitting the switch - Who should partake in a bit of paddock role reversal?

Published by Christine

It's the off-season and that can only mean one thing. It's time to grab Giggles' Big Book of Fun off the shelf, blow the dust away and see what it holds in store for the next few Fridays. If you're new to the concept, Friday Fun is a space for... a bit of fun... on a Friday. Now you're up to speed. As ever, the most excellent Giggles has a project for us this fine day, so here goes:

Pick one driver to be a team boss and one team boss to be a driver.

Obviously on first glance, this is a question that could be quite serious - there have been plenty of drivers who have turned their attention to management after their careers are over. Likewise, plenty of team bosses have been in the car at some points. But don't forget you can have fun with it, who wouldn't like to see Kimi Räikkönen as a team boss? And how fast would Monisha be able to go in a Sauber car?