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Friday Fun - Games they play - What do the drivers do to pass the time at Young Driver tests?

Published by Christine

It's Friday and that can only mean one thing - time for some fun and games. That is quite literal this week, as due to my forgetful nature, I asked for suggestions in the comments and Gavin came up with this:

Because this week they had 'Young Driver Testing', can you come up with kids' games that they must have played while passing the time between test sessions?

So far we have had suggestions such as Twister and Skittles, based on their performance out on track.

I'd also like to extend the game to things they might have played as kids to try and prepare for their F1 future - such as Monopoly, to hone their business skills in case they ended up facing one of Briatore's contracts! Let us know what toys and games would be useful for an up and coming driver - both in preparation, and to pass the time once they are in the garages.

Also, if you have any suggestions for Friday Fun, you can email me christine at sidepodcast dot com. I'd appreciate it, as I am more than likely to forget again this time next week!