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Friday Fun - Formula One makes new Friends - Giving each Grand Prix a unique and memorable title

Published by Christine

Friends may be a decade or two old but its legacy lives on. Not only is it still on TV constantly, but now we want to tie it back to Formula One. As suggested by Lukeh after reading our suggestions for Sky Sports F1's top ten races, it's time to label F1 races with Friends-style titles.

If you're a fan of the TV show, you'll know the titles always begin with "The One..." and follow up with a sometimes accurate but more often bizarre title to sum up what happens in the episode. For example, "The One where no one is ready." We figure that F1 races can be summarised in the same fashion, like "The One where Maldonado stunned the paddock" or "The One where Red Bull gave Webber wings."

If you're feeling adventurous why not drop in your Friends F1 title in the comments and see if anyone can guess which Grand Prix it relates to. Otherwise, suggesting a classic race for conversion would also be handy. It's Friday and time for a little fun, so get your comments and suggestions in, and maybe even throw on n episode of Friends while you're at it. There's bound to be one on TV somewhere.