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Friday Fun - F1's t-shirt catchphrases - Plan your wardrobe to promote the pinnacle of motorsport

Published by Christine

With the summer break in full swing, it's time to dust off the fun we sometimes have on Fridays, with a new topic for this fine final weekday. For better or worse, t-shirts that have a catchphrase on them are very popular - displaying large text in multiple colours and giving a hint at the personality and sense of humour of the wearer.

Combining that with Formula One had to happen eventually, and we all laughed at least a little when Lotus publicised some apparel bearing the slogan "I know what I'm doing." That's where this Friday Fun comes into play.

What F1 catchphrase would you put on a t-shirt?

My first thought is to have a strong "For sure" on there, which you could use as an item of clothing and also as a reminder how to respond to any tricky questions that are asked of you. I'd also be very keen on a t-shirt saying "Noooooooo" for obvious reasons.

How about you? What F1 related quotes and phrases would you plaster across your clothing? Who do you think is the most quoteworthy driver out there? Can anyone beat Kimi's angst-ridden radio messages?