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Friday Fun - F1 limericks - Getting your rhyme on with Formula One related poetry

Published by Christine

At the beginning of February, we stumbled across the subject of F1 themed limericks. I thought it would be a good idea to have a go at some for Friday Fun, but promptly forgot. Thanks to Alex for reminding me, here's your Friday Fun challenge this week:

Come up with some F1 themed limericks, but remember to keep them clean!

Here are a couple of examples for you - firstly one from me:

There once was a pit reporter called Ted,
Who had all sorts of knowledge in his head
When he shared his views
We got to play Ted News
And talk about what he had said.

And a brilliant one from Alex:

There was a young man from Frome,
who had a scraggly beard on his dome,
when he went to Woking,
they said, "are you joking"?
he said, "well I was going to use a comb".

They're not easy to do, but it's about time we gave you a proper challenge. There's only one more Friday Fun before the season starts, so get your thinking caps on and see what you can come up with.