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Friday Fun - F1 Christmas parties - Set the scene for the festive soiree's for those Formula One folk

Published by Christine

As we are heading into the Christmas Party season, it's time to start planning your F1 themed party. Imagine you were hosting a party for various teams, drivers, engineers, management etc. How would that party go? Here are some things to think about:

  • Who would you invite?
  • What music would you play?
  • Would you be handing out the mistletoe?
  • Would there be any party games?
  • What food and drink would you serve?
  • Would it end up in a drunken brawl with Trulli and Sutil fighting, or would it be a nice peaceful event with an after dinner speech by Murray Walker?

The possibilities are endless, and I want to know what would happen at your F1 Christmas Party.