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Friday Fun – F1 2014 is awesome because... - Reasons why Formula One is back to its best

Published by Will Davies

To bridge the gap between races I think we are in need of a dose of Friday Fun. I think everyone will admit that this season so far has been better than the last few (combined even?). Despite being only 4 races in it’s been great for so many different reasons, from the sublime to the ridiculous.

I came up with the notion on Twitter that we should celebrate some of these reasons:

#F12014IsAwesome Because with the new engines, you can pretend you're racing when you're doing the vacuuming.

notonlyahatrack notonlyahatrack

#F12014IsAwesome This year F1 cars are beating F1 drinks.

notonlyahatrack notonlyahatrack

Ok, so I’ve taken the light-hearted route (as is my want), but any and all reasons are welcome; be they big or small, humorous or serious, why do you think F1 is currently on the right track?