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Friday Fun - Dinner party decisions - The classic game of which F1 faces you'd like around your dining table

Published by Christine

It's an age old game, but one that is worth revisiting every now and then. Time passes and new faces have appeared in the paddock, plus old faces have revealed new things about themselves that may either intrigue or disgust you. With that in mind, why not have a go at the Friday Fun today?

You're having a dinner party and can invite just three people from F1. Who would they be? Some additional information: This time they have to be alive, but they don't have to be racing right now. They don't even have to be drivers. One other thing - you absolutely must tell me what you're going to serve for dessert. Mmm, dessert.

Those are the rules of the game, so have a bit of a think and let us know who you would invite over. You can go all out and provide details of what music you would play, and if you would have any party games. I think it would be quite fun to play Monopoly with F1 people.

I haven't decided the full lineup for my dinner party yet, although I'm pretty sure Rob is going to get a seat. I will let you know later!