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Friday Fun - The digital Christmas card - Spread some joy around the F1 paddock with festive greetings suggestions

Published by Christine

As the last day of the working week has arrived, let us heave Giggles' Big Book of Fun off the shelf and open the crackling pages to find another festive entry. This time, it is all about cards and who should send what to who in the paddock.

Write a Christmas card from one F1 personality to another. Mine would be:

Dear Bernie,

You may have thought you'd gotten rid of me...

But I'm coming baaaaaacccckkkkk,


P.S. Merry Christmas.

This reminds me very much of thosr schools that make you give cards to your classmates - everyone sitting around making up amusing and/or fun messages for their school friends. But this isn't school, it's F1 and there are plenty of friendships and rivalries that could be tested by the arrival of a digital Christmas card. What would yours say?