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Friday Fun - Create your own press release - Piece together a statement to the media about an F1 event of your choice

Published by Christine

It's Friday Fun time again, as we try and lighten the off season - something particularly important after the week we've just had! This time, I'd actually forgotten it was Friday, but thanks to a last minute idea from Lukeh in the comments, we have a game to play. Here's the premise:

Create your own press release. Choose a driver/s, choose an event, choose a consequence/action.

This is a very interesting one as it can vary wildly from serious business to something rather ridiculous, and I know we're going to see some great responses.

For now, here's an example from me:

Press Release

Rockall 20.11.09.

Sidepodracers would like to confirm that they have signed their drivers for the 2010 season - Franck Montagny and Yun Zi - the baby panda.

Understandably, we have brought Franck in for his considerable expertise and epxerience, whereas we have gone for youth with Yun Zi. We are hoping to be able to train the panda up. Our only concern is the language barrier between our two drivers.

Yes, that really is our only concern.


I'm sure you can all do much better than that, though, so I look forward to seeing plenty of press releases throughout the day. Get typing!