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Friday Fun - Casting agent - Set the drivers up with a new career on the big and little screen

Published by Christine

This week, I have raided the Giggles Bank of Fun and discovered a whole heap of excellent ideas for fun and games over the coming weeks. With that in mind, it's time for another Friday Fun, courtesy of Mr Giggles (do check out his Advent, by the way).

Today, we'd like you to pick your favourite TV show or film, and replace the main characters with our F1 favourites. Who will play each character?

For me, the favourite TV show can only be Friends, and I am still trying to decide who should be Chandler and who should be Joey. One of my favourite films is Back to the Future, of course, and any one of the drivers could be Marty - going 88mph in a straight line - but I will recast Hamilton in the part. I can imagine Lewis saying "This is heavy" and we saw him recently playing the guitar, so he should fit right in. The part of Doc is much harder. Who in the paddock could we cast as the crazy wild-eyed scientist?

Anyway, while I am deciding who to put in my remake of the BTTF franchise, do let us know in the comments what your favourite TV shows and films are, and who you'll be employing from F1 to participate in them.