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Friday Fun - Calling International Rescue - Which drivers would you pin your hopes on?

Published by Christine

During the live recording of Feet Up Friday on Christmas Eve, the conversation devolved into a discussion about which was the best Thunderbird - exactly such topics as you might expect on a Formula One podcast. In the comments, this quickly became a potential game for Friday Fun, and thus, here it is.

If you were Jean Todt, and were setting up an F1 International Rescue, who would you pick for your crew and why?

The original Thunderbirds were five-strong, and they had the following attributes:

  1. Arrives in the fastest time, first on the scene, reports back findings but little use alone
  2. Does the heavy lifting, slower response time, but brings very useful items along for the ride
  3. Able to withstand outer space, more of a courier than anything else
  4. Small but highly useful in niche situations, but requires support from at least one other to function
  5. Monitoring each and every situation, quiet until needed, but able to snap into action within a moment

Then, of course, there's Lady Penelope the spy agent and her chauffeur Parker, plus Brains the, er, brains of the outfit.

Let us know who in the F1 paddock fits your version of International Rescue, and what it is about them that makes them perfect for their new important role?