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Friday Fun - The benefit of hindsight - Taking a trip down F1's memory lane to see how things could have worked out

Published by Christine

In the UK, we are meant to be having heaps of snow today, but a little thing like the weather won't stop us delving into Giggles' Big Book of Fun (which we have now established is red, with big gold lettering, has a digital version available and makes an unspecified noise when you open it). Today, we're looking at a little bit of F1 history.

L'esprit de l'escalier. The concept of staircase wit, at the party you couldn't think of the perfect comeback to the phrase, but you immediately think about it on the way home. That's true of F1 too, can you think of any famous exchanges that would have gone better with hindsight? Verbally or Actual things maybe? Who if they'd made a better strategy choice would have come out on top? Who was robbed? What would have happened if Whodjamacalit had pitted for tyres a lap earlier? Would it have tipped the outcome?

I like this very much. It's like getting in a time machine and forgetting all those rules about not treading on ants or disturbing butterflies, and instead delving on in there and changing the course of history. What do you think could have happened?