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Forum changes - Handing management duties to more experienced forum owners

Published by Mr. C

Shortly after starting Sidepodcast, a very cool guy from called Stephen got in touch and suggested that we hook up. He had a cool forum and knew how to manage such things, and we, er, didn't.

We spent awhile fiddling around with our own forum, and we had fun learning new stuff. Some cool people stopped by and all was good. However, we were slightly swamped by the amount of spam a forum can attract and with the issues we currently have surviving without broadband (only 6 more days, count 'em), our forum is in need of some serious TLC.

Therefore we've decided to take up the kind offer Stephen proposed way back, and have shifted all of our forum focus onto the servers. Please take a look at our Sidepodcast topic thread to see where we're at.

With any luck we can now spend less time managing and more time creating, while still getting cool interactive feedback about the shows and F1 in general. Huge thanks goes to Stephen and a hearty "Hello" goes out to anyone popping over for the first time to see what we're all about.

For anyone who was a member of our own forum, we really appreciate it if you'd sign up on our new home and join in the conversation there. Thanks for everyone's contributions and sorry we're making you up sticks and move house!