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Forthcoming meetup - Sidepodpubbing in London - Get together with those you talk to in the comments

Published by Pat W

A growing group of us are meeting in London on Tuesday 23rd August 2010. If you can make it, why don't you join us?

Meet special international visitors

If you have been following along in the comments in the various Daily posts, I'm sure you will have seen mentioned that many commenters to Sidepodcast are attending this year's Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Franchorchamps. Many of the attendees are flying in from far and wide, and they are paying a visit to the UK first.

It was immediately realised that with so many frequent visitors to Sidepodcast within London or in relatively close proximity, the initial idea of a pre-GP meetup really should be opened up to everybody. When again will you have the chance to meet Amy and Pamela who will have come all the way from Australia?!

Unfortunately not all of the international contingent will have arrived by the time of the meetup, and we'll be missing the presence of Gavin, Guille, Kathi and her friend Emma - who isn't a commenter but I'm sure will be soon.

Oh... and us regulars

In addition, you'll see many of the UK names and faces you know and love. Do you comment often, but haven't met us before? Come along! Are you a regular reader/listener who hasn't really commented, and you fancy a Formula 1 chat over a beer? We'll keep a seat free for you. The more the merrier.

Whether you come along for a quick chat or a whole evening with food and drink, you are most welcome to join us.

There is a list of attendees on the Sidepodpubbing Wiki page - please do take a look and feel free to add your name to it.


  • Venue: 'The Coal Hole', a pub on the Strand in Central London, near to Covent Garden.
  • Date: Tuesday, 24th August 2010
  • Time: Aim to arrive between 6 and 7 pm, we may be there some time so there is no rush and feel free to get there earlier if it suits you.
  • Directions: Google Map

The nearest tube stations are Charing Cross, Covent Garden and Embankment. On foot, the pub is on the Strand roughly mid-way between Charing Cross station and Waterloo Bridge. If you're coming from Covent Garden, the road meets the Strand directly opposite The Coal Hole.

The Coal Hole, London
The Coal Hole, LondonCredit: Jamin Gray/CC
  • Note - Looking from the front it is the door on the right and we will probably be upstairs.
  • Note 2 - Don't be offended if we check our technology more frequently than your average social gathering, we are probably in the comments.
  • Note 3 - We apologise if the contingent attending the Grand Prix are a little vocal about it... we are a touch excited! Don't be afraid to steer the conversation elsewhere.

There will be a thread along in a day or two with more information about the Spa GP visit, for now though we would like to hear who's coming to the pub.

Finally, sincere apologies once again to those who live too far away from London to be able to attend. We know how annoying it is to always have meetups happening miles away, no doubt it will be our turn to be jealous soon. You are of course always more than welcome to organise events elsewhere around the world - on the condition you live-comment it! Why not meet up in another pub on the same day? We could have a Sidepobpubbing relay.

As for the rest of you.. I'll see you there!