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F1 Rewind #1 - The first official episode of our new Formula One views show

Published by Mr. C

Back by popular demand and thanks to the amazing amount of feedback we received from the pilot show, Sidepodcast proudly presents the first official episode of F1 Rewind.


This week Christine takes a look back at the recent run of testing, weighing up who's looking good and who needs to work that little bit harder.

Team talk

Submit your predictions for the Australia GP by calling the voicemail and leaving a message. We'll play them on the audio show.

F1 on the web

Featuring a different website each week to build up a directory of useful F1 bookmarks, this week Christine takes a closer look at Circus F1 - a site with plenty of stats and some good pictures to look at too.

As always give us your feedback, and let us know what you think of this first episode. We're deliberately keeping things short to start with, breaking us in gently to the regular weekly schedule.