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Broadcast schedule for upcoming podcasts - Sidepodcast plans for audio and video during the 2008 F1 season

Published by Mr. C

As we mentioned on last week's show, we're creating so much F1 content these days that we're struggling to keep track of it all. To help us out, we've put together a page detailing our upcoming schedule and expected release dates.

As you can probably see, during the course of a race weekend we're planning to bring you a total of 5 audio podcasts, which is a heck of a lot of work, but we really want to provide the best Formula 1 coverage we possibly can.

Here's a rough breakdown of how it all fits together and which bits you might be interested in.

Formula 1 TV

First up, for this season we're producing Formula 1 videos on a weekly basis. Prior to a race weekend we'll bring you our GP preview Inside Track and on alternate weeks F1 Rewind will take a look back at all of the recent F1 paddock gossip.

Basically it's the same sort of things we did last year, but more of them.

Formula 1 radio

Our audio output is increasing dramatically this year. We're planning to create four new shows around race weekends, starting later today with a detailed look at the season opener. This will swiftly be followed up by all the free practice news tomorrow, qualifying on Saturday and a full race rundown on Sunday.

These shows will be commentary based, and are designed primarily for anyone who's missed some or all of the weekends action. If you weren't a fan of our lap-by-lap coverage last year these may not be for you, however if coverage in your country is a touch sporadic, then make sure you check these out.

On top of those four, we'll still have the weekly opinion show on Sunday evenings. That format doesn't change at all and we'll catch up with all of your feedback and insights as we always do.

Still with us?

We spent a very long time figuring out what to do this year, taking on board all of your compliments and criticisms, and we think we've come up with a pretty good schedule of content.

There will be more feeds / subscription options coming online soon that will allow you to select only the things you're interested in, and to help you filter out the noise you're not bothered about.

We've had a quick scout around, and at the moment it doesn't appear that anyone else is doing anything like this amount of multimedia F1 coverage, and if we've got it right others will surely try something similar.

In the meantime please let us know if all of the above makes sense, if you're looking forward to any of it, if you'd rather we did something else or if we've missed anything along the way.

Your feedback on this is really important to us. As always let us know via the usual routes.