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Formula E-Brief - Your big puffy friend was there - The highs and lows of Formula E in Hong Kong

Published by Christine

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On this show, we discuss our thoughts from a frantic first weekend of Formula E this season, what the sport can do better against what we absolutely loved, and the surprising findings of a contact sport.

We start off pondering how we managed to skip a couple of seasons of the fast-growing motorsport, placing the blame firmly at one particular door, and then talk about how it's easy to learn something when you're telling other people about it.

Talk moves on to the packed weekend of action, the amazing access fans have to content, but also how the racing itself was bookended with disappointment. We also ponder what happened to the grid kids, and argue for a spot of consideration when it comes to the radio.

Finally, there's time to discuss everyone's favourite mascot, how the simpler strategies can be easier to digest, and our favourite moments from a tiring but rewarding weekend. All that and more in our first ever dedicated Formula E podcast.

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Formula E-Brief

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