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Formula E's fourth global tour - The 2017/18 calendar in fourteen short, sharp rounds

Published by Christine

2017/28 season Formula E calendar

The fourth Formula E season is rapidly approaching, with fourteen rounds spanning eleven countries across eight months. Compared to the Formula One calendar, the 2017/18 Formula E season is blissfully short, but it does suffer from an inconsistency that makes it somewhat hard to keep track of. That being the case, I’m putting together this table to help me follow along, and it might be useful for others as well.

Of course, the highlight of the calendar is the return of motorsport to Switzerland, due to take place in June next year. Formula E’s quiet and eco-friendly credentials have helped make it attractive to many city centres, but to have appealed to a country where motorsport has been banned for so long is a real achievement.

The season kicks off with a double-header in Hong Kong, and wraps up with a double header each in New York and Canada. Along the way, there are plenty of European staples such as France, Italy and Germany, as well as some interesting and new destinations like Morocco and Chile. It should be a fascinating season of racing!

Formula E Calendar 2017/18
12 DecemberHong KongHong Kong
23 DecemberHong KongHong Kong
313 JanuaryMarrakeshMorocco
43 FebruarySantiagoChile
53 MarchMexico CityMexico
617 MarchPunta del EsteUruguay
714 AprilRomeItaly
828 AprilParisFrance
919 MayBerlinGermany
1010 JuneZurichSwitzerland
1114 JulyNew York CityUSA
1215 JulyNew York CityUSA
1328 JulyMontrealCanada
1429 JulyMontrealCanada