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Formula 1 videos on your mobile - Watching Sidepodcast TV wherever you are (in the US)

Published by Mr. C

Well sorta, assuming your mobile happens to be an iPhone that is.

We're not debuting F1 videos via your mobile phone just yet, although the way the technology is heading it's only a matter of time. What we are trying out, is the ability to watch the video podcast on your iPhone via manual download. And because we already do our best to make sure the shows look great on the iPod and AppleTV, this is the next logical step .

Except we don't actually own one...

We live in the UK and it's a US only product at the moment. We do have friends in the States who might just be able to bring us one back in the near future, but in the meantime we're flying a bit blind. So if you happen to own such a device please do let us know if the following link works for you:

Hungary F1 Preview Download

This is similar quality to the iPod version and is designed to be downloaded over a Wi-Fi connection (because the file size is huge) and not designed to be downloaded via your EDGE connection (it'll cost a fortune and take forever).

We've followed the specifications so it should work first time, but yell if you experience any issues. Cheers y'all.