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Formula 1 gift guide - Season reviews - The best round-ups of the F1 season in a handy present-buying list

Published by Christine

This article was originally written for BellaOnline, but is republished here for posterity.

Do you have to buy a gift for a Formula 1 fan? Are you looking for something special to buy yourself this Christmas? Then this set of articles may be for you.

Every year, as the season finishes, a deluge of publishers scrabble to get a picture of the winner on the cover of their book and get it released in time for Christmas. This year, a lot of publishes released images of the cover with Lewis Hamilton as Driver’s Champion on the front, but they will now have had to change them to Kimi Räikkönen.

Either way, a season review is a great gift for a Formula 1 fan, because it helps them remember things they have forgotten about the year, and relive the things they loved.

Personally, as a relatively new fan, and as one with a particularly bad memory, I find it very useful to have the books there as a reference. Here are five season reviews that I recommend.

The Official Formula 1 Season Review 2007

The inside story with fabulous full colour pictures and interviews with all the people that matter in and out of the paddock. Being completely official and endorsed by Bernie Ecclestone, you won’t find anything controversial or against the sport, but that may be just what you want when you’re looking back on one of the most complicated season’s for a long time.

Formula 1 Season Review 2007

A DVD review of the season is something special to get your hands on, due to the strict copyright regulations when it comes to video footage of the races. The commentary on these DVDs does leave something to be desired, but they’re very useful as a reminder of the season gone by.

Formula 1: A Photographic Review of the 2007

Some fantastic images which are perfect as a reminder but more as a piece of memorabilia for the incredible 2007 season.

ITV Sport Complete Encyclopedia of Formula One

I wrote a review of my edition of this book, but it is updated regularly to include all the latest information and new season reviews. A fantastic reference dating back to the 1950s and covering every inch of the history of F1.

Official ITV Sport Formula One Annual 2008

Another ITV product, and although it says 2008 in the title, it will have a guide to the 2007 season in it as well. Listing the drivers and teams for 2008 will help you when it comes to the start of the next season, but this will also guide you through the ups and downs of the teams through the turbulent year.