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Formula 1 gift guide - Official team merchandise - F1 collectibles and memorabilia make great festive presents

Published by Christine

This article was originally written for BellaOnline, but is republished here for posterity.

Do you have to buy a gift for a Formula 1 fan? Are you looking for something special to buy yourself this Christmas? Then this set of articles may be for you.

There are 11 teams on the grid at the moment, and they all have official merchandise to help you support your favourites. Some colours are more appealing than others though, and I’ll share with you the five official team products I think will make great gifts.

The Jim Bamber Collection

The Bamber models are very, very cute and incredibly collectible. They come in several ranges for most of the teams. You can get the simple driver with hand in pockets, or waving, or sitting in the car. It’s worth getting these accessories no matter which team you support, they will look good on any shelf as decoration. And who knows, they might be worth something one day!

Red Bull Racing - Rucksack

I like the Red Bull Racing colours, and there are some nice t-shirts and jackets available, but personally, this bag is my favourite. The criss-cross is nice, the logo isn’t too in your face, but it still registers your support. The blue is a really nice shade and it looks like it’s pretty durable as well.

Honda F1 Racing – Team Shirt

This is a man’s shirt and is really nice because it looks just like the ones that the team wear in the garage and out on the pit wall. I tend to be quite a fan of Honda merchandise but they are going through a bit of a tricky time at the moment. There is no merchandise to match the Earth car, so any of the white shirts tend to be out of date. And if they get a new sponsor for 2008, it could all change. The black and red probably won’t though.

Vodafone McLaren Mercedes – Mouse Mat

A lot of new Lewis Hamilton fans are snapping up the white shirts or silver jackets and waving their flags in support of the new British wonder. However, I like to think I can support him and still be low key, so I suggest this nice understated mouse mat for your office at home. It’s clean, it’s white and it means you’ll always be reminded of F1.

Super Aguri – Ladies Fitted T-Shirt

I really like the Super Aguri symbol and it looks great combined with the stripes down the side. A simple white t-shirt with logo does it for me every time, and the Super Aguri collection is pretty nice. It’s also quite new, so you can be happy in the knowledge that you’ll be one of the few first people to get your hands on the goods.