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Formula 1 gift guide - Lewis Hamilton - A festive haul for fans of the brand new superstar driver

Published by Christine

This article was originally written for BellaOnline, but is republished here for posterity.

Do you have to buy a gift for a Formula 1 fan? Are you looking for something special to buy yourself this Christmas? Then this set of articles may be for you.

Given that he's only been in Formula 1 for a year, it's quite incredible how many books are now out about Lewis Hamilton. Some are official, and some are less so, but here are the top 5 products for the new Lewis Hamilton fans out there.

Lewis Hamilton: My Story by Lewis Hamilton

The official autobiography from Lewis Hamilton debuts and chronicles his side of not only an amazing first year, but his successful career to date. There are the obligatory biography pictures, with the well known photo of a young Lewis meeting Ron Dennis for the first time. If you want to know the truth behind the rumours, then getting the word from the man himself is the best way to go.

Lewis Hamilton – Life In The Fast Lane

This DVD is unofficial which doesn’t necessarily mean its bad, but it does mean you have to be wary when you buy it. Spending money on these unofficial things will only encourage them, but it can sometimes be a good way to get access to information that takes an age to come out through the official channels. There are no other DVDs out specifically about Lewis at the moment, so if you want some TV goodness, this may be your best buy.

Lewis Hamilton: The People’s Champion

This one is tricky for me. I am generally a big fan of ITV Sport’s books about Formula 1, having previously reviewed their annual guide and their Encyclopaedia of Formula 1 as well. However, ITV’s coverage of Hamilton this year has been overly extensive and off-putting, so it will be a shame if they continue that trend into the book market as well. Bruce Jones is a good writer though, so he should be able to keep things together.

Lewis Hamilton: New Kid on the Grid

This book, written by Ian Stafford, chronicles Lewis’ rise to fame, but concentrates more on this year in Formula 1. What has it been like to be the new kid in the sport, especially when you are being incredibly successful? The unprecedented tension between Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton is also featured in detail, because let’s face it, this year would not have been what it was, if it hadn’t been for the inter-team rivalry within McLaren. For an outsider’s take on Hamilton, try New Kid on the Grid.

Lewis Hamilton: Calendar

Because if you’re a fan, you know you want to see him every day.