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Formula 1 gift guide - Biographies - Get inside the heads of drivers past and present this festive season

Published by Christine

This article was originally written for BellaOnline, but is republished here for posterity.

Do you have to buy a gift for a Formula 1 fan? Are you looking for something special to buy yourself this Christmas? Then this set of articles may be for you.

I’ve already covered the Lewis Hamilton phenomenon that has seen many biographies released before the rookie finished his first season in the sport. However, there are plenty of other drivers who have written their story, both retired and still driving.

I’ll confess straight away to not having read any of these books yet, but they are all on my Amazon wish list and I will be getting round to it. Whilst I can’t vouch for the writing ability of the drivers, I do think they will all have something worthwhile to say, and it’s worth reading to get a sense of what life is really like in the paddock.

It is What It is: The Autobiography

David Coulthard’s autobiography is honest and detailed, to the point that his long ago battle with bulimia was revealed and discussed in the media. David is never shy in voicing his opinions in the public arena, so his book is no doubt no different.

Michael Schumacher: The Edge of Greatness

James Allen gets a lot of stick for his commentary on the ITV coverage of race weekends. But even if you don’t like his voiceovers, there’s no denying he is a very good writer. He has a knack of getting right to the heart of a matter and writing it in a way you can empathise and understand. Here he covers the story of Michael Schumacher and what makes him a legend.

An Independent Man: The Autobiography

Eddie Jordan made his name as an honest and passionate team owner, with the self-title Jordan team. Running strikingly yellow colours, it was a sad day when they were pulled off the grid, but Jordan lives on in Eddie’s monthly column in F1 Racing magazine. Here he tells his story, and it’s likely to be a lively read.

Ayrton Senna: The Whole Story

Enough has probably been said about Ayrton Senna before, there are many books about his life. This one is particularly popular though, and does as it says in the title: tells the whole story.

Murray Walker: Unless I'm Very Much Mistaken

Everyone loves Murray Walker, don’t they? He wasn’t always on top form as a commentator but his enthusiasm for the sport shone through at every opportunity and made you, the fan, excited. I have only heard him once, on Radio 5live this year, when he stood in as commentator. I am sure I have missed out on something special. This is his story, told in his way.