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Pérez and Hülkenberg pull back the covers on the VJM08's new colours - Force India put on a show in Mexico

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Force India became the second team to reveal a sneak peek at what their 2015 Formula One challenger will look like, after Williams unveiled renderings of their new design. The new-look VJM08 may not be the finished article but does sport a developed nose and front wing, alongside a fresh coat of paint. The livery contains more black and more silver, looking eerily similar to McLaren colour schemes of days gone by.

Revealing Force India's new look
Credit: Force India F1

Drivers Nico Hülkenberg and Sergio Pérez were on hand to pull the covers off the car at an event in Mexico City, but the team don't claim this to be the finished product, stating it's a "first impression" of how the car will look this year. The enhancements to the black and silver of the livery design mean that Force India's recognisable orange elements are reduced to just a stripe along the side of the car and a splash of brightness on the rear wing.

"Our traditional team colours remain integrated in the livery, but we’ve given it a very modern twist"

Team boss Vijay Mallya says: "I love the addition of silver, which makes the car appear more sleek and aggressive and I’m sure it’s something that will appeal to the fans as well. Our traditional team colours remain integrated in the livery, but we’ve given it a very modern twist." He also points out that the new sponsor logos are more prominent on this iteration of car, which is a bonus considering their new deals brokered for the coming season.

The team are aligning themselves with Mexico, making the most of their association with Sergio Pérez, and building up to the return of the Mexican Grand Prix this year. Their recent announcement of a sponsorship deal with Jose Cuervo, world-famous tequila makers, goes hand in hand with a new commercial deal with IT firm NEC. Both of these have been snatched from the grasp of Sauber, who have lost not only two sponsors but their own Mexican driver for 2015.

Notably, the VJM08 won't be seen until Barcelona, with Force India opting to run a previous version of the car for the first pre-season test in Jerez next week. They're not the first team to take their time in making sure the final touches on their new machinery are complete before hitting the track and seeing how it performs in anger.

The VJM08's nose head on
The VJM08's nose head onCredit: Force India F1
The new Force India under the spotlight
The new Force India under the spotlightCredit: Force India F1
A hew look helmet for Pérez
A hew look helmet for PérezCredit: Force India F1

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