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Football talk and Twitter questions in the Team Rankings this week - In which the Lotus teams take time out for some football fun

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There's something of a football angle to this week's Team Rankings, as the Premier League started in the UK, and Formula One seemed keen to get involved. With both sides of the Lotus argument appearing to take their rivalry to football as well, things could get ugly. Elsewhere, McLaren try and get even closer to the fans, whilst Red Bull produce some interesting TV.

Here are how I'm dishing out points to the teams this week.

Movements for Week 28

  • +4 Mercedes GP Petronas Formula One Team: Technically, I gave them points for this before, and double jeopardy is not normally allowed. However, the story is out fully now, and a gazillion people suggested it so +3 points for Mercedes helping the boy with his new arm. +1 for Norbert Haug being something of a piano man.
  • +2 Lotus Renault GP: +3 for a football crossover but -1 for blatantly doing it to try and annoy Team Lotus.
  • +3 Team Lotus: -1 for going to a football game with Flavio Briatore but +2 for sticking it out to the end even though Flav left. +2 for sharing a picture of the trophy cabinet, despite the distinct lack of F1 trophies.
  • +2 Vodafone McLaren Mercedes: +2 for taking questions from fans via Twitter with their hashtag Social Friday.
  • +4 Red Bull Racing: +4 for a great video summing up the Hungarian Grand Prix, and featuring a wealth of their drivers, although notably no Vettel.

Standings for Week 28

This week's standings
10Team Lotus359
21Mercedes GP Petronas Formula One Team447
3-1Lotus Renault GP247
41Red Bull Racing438
5-1Marussia F1 Team35
60Vodafone McLaren Mercedes233
70AT&T Williams23
80Sauber F1 Team21
90Force India Formula One Team13
100Scuderia Ferrari9
110Scuderia Toro Rosso3
120HRT Formula 1 Team1
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