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Five things to look forward to in 2013 (Part 3) - Red Bull's aim for four - The triple World Champions want even more Formula One success

Published by Christine

Pocket F1 Handbook

This series is to celebrate the launch of my latest book, the Pocket F1 Handbook : Guide to the 2013 Grand Prix Season which features all you need to know about drivers, teams and tracks for the coming year. There's also a top ten list of things to look forward to over the coming months, and in anticipation of the first race in the next few weeks, we're looking at five of the items - expanding on the topic and counting down the weeks until the Australian Grand Prix. This is the third exciting item, Red Bull and their ongoing success.

The Red Bull team have taken over Formula One in the past few years, working up from the playful party team to a seriously dominant force. Wrapping up their third title in 2012, the team were untouchable - particularly compared to the scrappy fight for the drivers' championship that unfolded throughout the season.

The Red Bull car made a name for itself in the early days, as one of Adrian Newey's specialities - fast but fragile, and retirements were a common occurrence. Gradually, the design has become more robust, so that over the past two seasons, Red Bull have only retired five times. With the quick and challenging Sebastian Vettel on board, and the consistent, experienced race-craft from Mark Webber, it's no wonder the team have made their way to three World Championships in a row.

They've got a long way to go to match some of the more successful title winning teams, those that have racked up the number of trophies in their cabinet. Ahead of them, they've got Lotus, McLaren and Williams with 7, 8 and 9 respectively. Then of course there is Ferrari with an epic 16 successful championship campaigns in their history. Where Red Bull have made the record books is for consecutive championships though.

Consecutive Constructor's Championship Wins
TeamConsecutive titlesDates
Ferrari61999 - 2004
McLaren41988 - 1991
Ferrari31975 - 1977
Williams31992 - 1994
Red Bull32010 - 2012

Now, of course, having a dominant team winning everything isn't necessarily something to look forward to. We know from bitter experience that Ferrari's years of supremacy took quite a lot of excitement away from the sport. However, 2012 in particular was a season that provided plenty on the individual race front, and the driver championship went down to the wire. Meanwhile, Red Bull racked up the points to get themselves another title.

So long as they are still being challenged, and there is still plenty of anticipation threaded throughout the season, then to watch the team fight for a fourth title will be something amazing to behold. From humble, if fully-funded, beginnings, the team have worked their way to the top, and it's going to be interesting to see how long they can keep it up.

If you're interested in a summary of Red Bull's Formula One career so far, they created a half hour video at the end of last year, reliving the highs and lows of life in motorsport. There are thoughts from both Vettel and Webber, plus Christian Horner and Adrian Newey, who does an fab Helmut Marko impression within the first five minutes.

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