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Fisi's show of force - Giancarlo Fisichella takes pole position in Belgium

Published by Christine

Fisi takes pole position in Belgium

This year has long since proven that qualifying is the best part of the race weekend. We've mentioned it many times before, but it has never been more so than this weekend in Spa. If Formula 1 is lacking the unpredictability that a lot of fans would like, then they should race in Belgium every single weekend.

Giancarlo Fisichella took pole position.

I know! Not only that but he was joined in the press conference by Trulli and Heidfeld. Now, of course, we don't know about their fuel loads yet, but even so, the grid was mixed up before the top ten were even confirmed.

Neither McLaren could get out of Quali 2 and Button starts from 14th on the grid. Alonso is just ahead of him. All big names out before the flying laps for pole began. Goodness knows what will happen tomorrow but for now, it is Fisi's moment.

He's got three pole positions to his name now, this fourth one being the first since Malaysia 2006 when he steered his Renault to a lights to flag victory. Chances are his Force India is going to struggle to do the same, and by my reckoning he'll probably be coming in on about lap two for a fuel stop.

Fisi takes pole position in Malaysia

Either way, Force India will appreciate the headlines, as we can tell they have money troubles. They've brought a garden shed as a motorhome this weekend, and there are rumours about pay packets not being distributed. Some positive news can go a long way. And for Fisichella himself, what better way to prove that he could do a lot better than a certain someone in a certain red car?

Badoer pretty much ruined everyone's final lap in the first session of qualifying by beaching his Ferrari in the gravel and causing yellow flags. Anyone else would have saved it. Fisi would certainly have saved it.

I've never been the man's biggest fan, and I would have preferred Sutil to take this maiden glory for Mallya's team. However, it's impossible not to be happy for a driver who has worked hard and struggled through in some rough cars.

I said at the beginning that qualifying was the best part of a race weekend for us, but what do you think? Do the laps of racing action beat those final few moments as you wait to see who's on pole? Let's have our own poll and find out!