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Final 2010 grid slot choice of three - Max Mosley to decide which team will be allowed in Formula One

Published by Christine

Jonathan Noble tweeted earlier this simple statement: 

The 13th F1 team will be either BMW Sauber, Lotus or Epsilon Euskad.

NobleF1 NobleF1

Which one will it be though?

In the paddock today, Mosley has said:

Finally last night we got the final offers from the three most serious teams and in the next day or two, together with the due diligence people we'll assess them and then we'll pick one of them.

- Max Mosley

BMW are still part of the running, Max says:

We were asked to give them another week to produce their documentation and answer further questions which they have done.

- Max Mosley

Who do you think might get the nod? BMW, Lotus or Epsilon?