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FIA site redesign for 2008? - A new look for motorsport's governing body

Published by Mr. C

Ahh, they're all at it nowadays aren't they? Not so long ago the official Formula 1 website received a face lift, and now it looks as though the FIA have a new look in the pipeline too.

And not before time, we say, as the current site has been looking a bit tardy of late. Here's a quick sample of what may (or may not) be the revised site next for year:

Proposed redesign for 2008

The concept was designed by John Rigby, who's been drawing pictures for the FIA for many a year. A bigger picture is available on John's portfolio page.

Of note Mr. Rigby is also the man credited as the author of the hastily redrafted transcript documents. The original author was listed as simply dchallande, who might hail from Switzerland... although nobody is saying.

Still at least there's one person within the federation who knows their way around a PDF document. If only they'd asked him first.