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FIA reject allegations, condemn leaks - Flavio Briatore hits out at the governing body in leaked documents

Published by Mr. C

Earlier today, the Guardian newspaper ran a story claiming Flavio Briatore has accused the World Motor Sport Council and Max Mosley of being "blinded by desire for revenge". The information appears to have come from leaked documents seen by the paper, and predictably the FIA aren't happy about it.

The Guardian suggest that the allegation will be used by Briatore when he appeals against his lifetime ban from motor sport, in France's high court on the 24th November. The paper went on to say that Pat Symonds, Renault's previous director of engineering, will join Briatore's appeal in an attempt to overturn his own ban.

This afternoon the FIA put out a press release, presumably in response to the piece, refuting the claims and criticising such leaks.

The FIA press release in full:

The FIA condemns the selective leaking of extracts from Mr Briatore’s pleadings to the Tribunal de Grande Instance in Paris.

The FIA rejects the allegations made in these leaks and confirms that the decision to impose a sanction against Mr Briatore was made by an overwhelming majority of the attending World Motor Sport Council members.

In respect for the authority of the French Court, it would be entirely inappropriate for the FIA to comment further on this matter in advance of the hearing.

What the FIA haven't said though, is what they plan to do to prevent further leaks in the future. This isn't the first time they've experienced such problems, nor even the first time this year.