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FIA news - Preparing to read some hefty FIA documents from the McLaren hearings

Published by Mr. C

According to the FIA website, full transcripts of both the July 26th and September 13th hearings will be made available at mid-day on Wednesday.

We had presumed they would be appearing either today or tomorrow, but they have first been sent to both McLaren and Ferrari in order that they may remove any confidential information. These documents are going to make for some pretty interesting (and probably heavy) reading.

Also of note, it would appear that McLaren's Hungary appeal will also be going ahead at 10am this Wednesday, so it sounds like it'll be a busy day in Ron's world! Rumor has it that Mr. Dennis was trying to get Ferrari to drop their civil case in the UK in exchange for not appealing the FIA descision last week. Presumably he's thus far failed to achieve that.

As ever, we'll cover any salient points here on the blog and also during next weekends show.