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Festive Fun - Drawing on your experience - Your Formula One sketches and artwork galore

Published by Alex Andronov

Hey everyone... I hope Mr and Mrs C don't mind but I have hijacked the site to post some Festive Fun. What is festive fun you ask? Well it's like Friday Fun but on a Thursday but a Thursday on Christmas Eve... On a Friday. It's Friday Fun on a Friday but it's Christmas so it's festive... Now I'm wondering if Christine has something planned? Oh well I'll forge ahead and then this can be deleted...

My idea for festive fun? Oh yes that's right... Stop wittering man and get on with it.

I would like you to draw something tangentially to do with Formula 1 and post it in the comments.

Of course you are going to say, "but Alex I can't draw to save my life"* well get ready to try because if you don't post a drawing to Festive Fun then I will... Well I might be a bit cross.

It's only a bit of fun and don't worry I can't draw either!

Let the drawing commence!

*This bit does not apply to Lukeh