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Ferrari's secretive behaviour - Ferrari plan an unusual launch of their new car

Published by Christine

Some news I missed out on over the weekend was Autosport reporting on the upcoming Ferrari launch. Apparently the launch, which will take place this Sunday, 14th, will probably happen without the car.

A Ferrari spokesman: "We will have a preview for the media but we don't know yet if the car will be ready."

So, the big question is, what are they hiding? How can you possibly have a car launch without a car? And supposedly, photographers are not allowed at the launch anyway, so any pictures you see will have been "provided by the team".

I find this behaviour very weird. It's not unusual for teams to be a little bit sheepish and very secretive about their products, but there are certain events where you have to give up and let your car hit the spotlight. Are they going to turn up in Australia without their car?