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Ferrari reveal the F138 in Maranello - Alonso and Massa on hand to launch the 2013 Ferrari

Published by Christine

Ferrari F138 front view

Ferrari have shown off their 2013 car in a launch at the Maranello circuit in Italy today. The car, named after the current season along with a tribute to the V8 engine thrown in for good measure, was revealed in all its red and white glory to the waiting media. The modesty panel has been put in place to cover the stepped nose, whilst the exhaust layout has been revised.

The team have been talking up their chances of improvement after significant changes in the design department. After discovering their wind tunnel data wasn't translating to the track properly, they have taken steps to narrow down the problem. They've also split the department in two, with one half focusing on this year, and the other on 2014.

Chief Deputy Designer Simone Resta was in charge of the 2013 challenger, and he explained some of the developments they have put in place.

I would say the biggest changes relate to the front suspension, which has an improved layout, while at the rear, the suspension is completely new. We also have a revised sidepod design, aimed at improving the aerodynamics in this area, as well as a completely new layout for the exhaust system.

- Simone Resta

Meanwhile, I quite enjoyed the quotes from Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo, who opened his speech with a note of the weather outside, saying: "We had not seen fog here for a long time and it reminded me of the 1997 presentation, the year when Ferrari began its winning cycle." There's nothing like fog from sixteen years ago to be a good omen for the team.

Sitting pretty, the Ferrari F138
Sitting pretty, the Ferrari F138Credit: Ercole Colombo

There was also talk of Alonso's decision to train/rest during the first test at Jerez, leaving the hard work to Felipe Massa and Pedro de la Rosa. Massa isn't too worried, however, as he prefers to get back to work as soon as possible.

The first test is very useful to understand the direction in which we should go and where we need to do the most work. Last year, I had a very positive second half to the season and I really want to get back on track and continue with the work that has seen me improve a lot over the past years. My aim is always the same, to give my all, right from the start of the season.

- Felipe Massa

He only has a few more days to wait, as the first test begins in just four days.

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