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Ferrari F2009 unveiled in Mugello - The Scuderia launch their car for the new F1 season

Published by Christine

Ferrari F2009 launch

Formula 1 is all about being one step ahead of the competition, and in the battle to be first to launch, Ferrari have come out on top. The F2009, otherwise known as the F60, made it's first official public appearance this morning, and is due out on track later today.

The launch itself has already had it's fair share of troubles, with a last minute switch to Mugello, rather than the freezing Fiorano. Now Ferrari have thrown themselves into the lion's den, with our first look at the 2009 spec chassis.

So what do we make of it? At first glance, it looks rather like the F2008, although Technical Director Aldo Costa is adament that the design came from a clean sheet of paper, rather than an evolution of last season's machinery. The rear wing is as hideous as predicted, but Ferrari have managed to sculpt the wide front wing to at least look a little less boxy.

What you can't see from the pictures is that the launched car has KERS fitted, or so they tell us. The device is fitted to the engine, which means we'll see how Massa handles the new technology out on track today. The team are still quite tight-lipped about whether their KERS device is ready for a full race weekend, but launching with it is a good start, at least.

The drivers are both very impressed with their new machinery, although they are obliged to say that, of course. Räikkönen admits 2008 was not the year he was hoping for, but has shoved that to the back of his mind. The past is the past, and he's concentrating on the battle for '09. Massa is feeling confident, and ready to fight for a new championship. He lists numerous teams as Ferrari's competition, but still rates McLaren as their biggest rival. Of the car itself, he is perhaps a little too complementary.

I'm quite surprised because I expected a big car like it was 10 years go. But the car is very, very small, very compact, the rear end especially. It looks pretty nice, it looks pretty good and hopefully it will be as quick as it looks.

Pretty nice? Really? Let us know whether you agree with Massa in the comments. Does the car look better or worse than you expected, and can you put up with that rear wing for an entire year?