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Fernando says "thanks" and "see ya" - Alonso visits the Renault factory for a quick speech

Published by Christine

Newly crowned double world champion Fernando Alonso travelled to the Renault factory in Enstone to say thank you.

Really, there is nothing new to say. I just want to thank everybody, every single person in the team that helped win these two championships... And at the end, you know, time puts everybody in their place - and we are in P1 because we deserved it more than the others.

- Fernando Alonso

And my favourite bit, a magnanimous Alonso assured the Renault team that he still wished them all the best.

I am now moving onto another team, as you know, but if I don't have the possibility to win in the future, then I hope you win because you are the best.

- Fernando Alonso

If he really believes they are the best, that conflicts slightly with his attempts to try and end his Renault contract early. As it stands, Alonso can't join McLaren's winter tests until his agreement runs out at the end of this year. He insists it is no big deal but would help him a little bit towards being prepared for 2007. Why he thinks Renault would want to help him along the way to his desired third world championship, I don't know.