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Feet Up Friday - What's on your F1 mind? - The first edition of our new podcast

Published by Christine

Feet Up Friday - What's on your F1 mind? audio waveform

For 2012, we bring you a new concept in podcasting - the relaxed, Friday night, glass in hand, F1 discussion. Touching on topics such as a lonely Petrov, Joe's real name and Kamui on Twitter, this is Feet Up Friday.

Also in the conversation, we talk about the ringtone derived from a former Bridgestone employee, and revel amongst the ugly liveries, intriguing logos and lack of memorabilia. There's talk of Tata being all over it, who is going to be allowed to drive on handbooks and what to say if you have nothing good in mind.

We look at my growing admiration of the aforementioned Vitaly Petrov and where it all began, plus a certain Iceman on Top Gear, and a certain Kobayashi on Twitter. There's talk of my new book and, of course, the fabulous changes to the site. All this and no intro or outtro music.