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Feet Up Friday - I would settle for twelve - A recap of the Australian Grand Prix and a brief look at Malaysia

Published by Christine

Feet Up Friday - I would settle for twelve audio waveform

With one race already under our belts for the 2013 season, it's time to catch up with how things went in Australia, before previewing the upcoming action in Malaysia. In this week's Feet Up Friday, we discuss who had a weekend to forget at Albert Park, and which driver is probably going to be scared of the circuit for life.

We also ponder the growing rift between Christian Horner and Martin Whitmarsh, plus look ahead to what to expect from Sepang. With the race timed to fit in exactly with the worst of the weather conditions, we argue what the fans are paying to see, and how to get good coverage when you're at home.

Finally, there's just time for some feedback on the fuel system check testing debacle, plus F1 broadcasting in the US.