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Feet Up Friday - RoGroMan sounds like weedkiller - Our last chance to talk F1 2013 pre-season stuff before Australia

Published by Christine

Feet Up Friday - RoGroMan sounds like weedkiller audio waveform

Our irregular (in many ways) podcast returns with a roundup of all the latest pre-season action, including catching up with that one final launch, that one final race seat, and that one final driver switcharoo.

From thoughts on testing, to how the tyres may affect the racing this year, we travel through Kimi Räikkönen's illness and Romain Grosjean's incredible race to substitute him, plus the Adrian Sutil and Jules Bianchi dance.

Also on the cards, a quick look at my 2013 season guide book, new updates to the site, and what we expect from the listener in the year ahead.