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Feet Up Friday - Head down Saturday - Discussing site updates, F1 news and the Angry Birds helmet

Published by Christine

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Our second Feet Up Friday in as many weekends does not set a precedent for weekly podcasting, dya hear? However, this time out finds an overexcited Mr C and a chilled out Christine chatting about the current happenings in F1, plus the latest updates to the site. Starting with some feedback on the last show, there's an update on the best names in F1, and a quick shout out to a new blog in town.

We discuss Heikki's new helmet, and what it means to be a player of the Angry Birds. We also talk about the difference between columns and features, and quite extensively analyse Sky's coverage - even though we've only seen a little bit of it. Finally, there's talk of the new things happening on Sidepodcast, and how pumped up we are for the season ahead. It's going to be a good one, isn't it?

The rather marvellous Herwin Thole, our Giedo van der Garde speaker:

@mrschristine I'm sure this ruins everything for you. Here's how a Dutch person would say Giedo. via @Audioboo

herwinthole herwinthole