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Fast, fearless, victorious - Christine's Rankings, Week 3 - Taking on a football giant, and a great view of the skies

Published by Christine

Fast, fearless, victorious Button
Credit: McLaren Mercedes

The drivers have been busily preparing and travelling to Australia, and acclimatising to their new surroundings. For a few, it's time to get ready for the first race of their F1 career, but for most it is a return to action. This week, points are available for making good use of Vine, a TV appearance in another language, great photography, and tackling a real challenge.

At this point in the early Rankings championship, I'd like to clarify a points policy that I think might crop up this year. It has always been the case that drivers can't have two sets of points for the same thing, but we often see teaser images and videos of things that will appear on upcoming broadcasts or later in the season. For this, I think an initial point is allowed, to then be followed up with more if the subsequent item is good enough. (The same applies for negative points, too.)

In the meantime, keep your rankings suggestions coming in, particularly as the new season begins and the drivers will be up to all sorts of mischief. Tweet me @f1rankings, or send your points suggestions via the handy form.

Movements for Week 3

  • +1 Nico Rosberg: A cute little Vine video about the "super secret new Mercedes car developments."
  • +1 Romain Grosjean: I could watch French TV all day, even more so with a spot of Romain (and Jules) on!
  • +1 Jules Bianchi: I could watch French TV all day, even more so with F1 drivers on!
  • +1 Kamui Kobayashi: This is just a fun picture, no? Lean in!
  • +1 Daniel Ricciardo: Nice column from Ricciardo, particularly about his teammate: "It's a pretty easy going relationship for now."
  • +1 Esteban Gutiérrez: Brilliant photos from Melbourne starting to filter through. Love this sunrise and/or set.
  • +1 Daniel Ricciardo: Donuts at the Top Gear Festival in Sydney. Celebrating his home race and all that!
  • +2 Nico Hülkenberg: Very nearly managing to get the ball off an Australian football player slightly larger than him!
  • +1 Jenson Button: A point for the line "Fast. Fearless. Victorious." Which is just so much better than "Racing, spacing, a cup of tea would be amazing."

Standings for Week 3

This week's standings
10Kamui Kobayashi17
20Max Chilton6
30Jean-Éric Vergne6
40Sergio Pérez5
51Jenson Button14
63Daniel Ricciardo24
7-2Lewis Hamilton4
85Nico Hülkenberg23
92Romain Grosjean12
102Esteban Gutiérrez12
11-4Daniil Kvyat2
12-4Kevin Magnussen2
135Jules Bianchi11
14-4Valtteri Bottas1
15-1Felipe Massa1
16-1Kimi Räikkönen1
174Nico Rosberg11
18-2Sebastian Vettel1
19-2Fernando Alonso0
20-1Marcus Ericsson0
21-1Pastor Maldonado0
220Adrian Sutil0
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