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Fantasy Racing 2009 - Introducing our new league for the brand new Fantasy F1 season

Published by Mr. C

After the unbelievable job everyone in the Fantasy Racers league did last year, we're doing it again in 2009.

This time out we're defending champions. No longer will the rookie tag wash, we're professionals now and we know what we're doing... unless you didn't enter last year, in which case, you may be excused.


As before, the details you need to sign in to the league are as follows:

Yup, that's Franck with a 'c', and because it caused no confusion whatsoever last year, so why should it this time around?

If you haven't done so already you'll need to create an account, which can be done so by selecting the Register option. It's free to join, but a donation will see you upgraded to Preferential status allowing you to hide your strategies from other players.

Rule changes

As if to mimic Formula 1 yet further, the rules have been slightly tweaked in '09 in order to provide closer racing. Of note, you begin with a 40m starting budget, but drivers prices fluctuate based on popularity amongst all competitors in the game. The challenge will be to buy low and sell high and this should add an extra dimension to proceedings.

While away the hours

As mentioned, last year the Sidepodcast community brought home the award for Top Private League, and Jordan led us home with string of fantastic point hauls.

The game provided endless hours of entertainment, and we're hoping to spend even more time on it this year. We highly recommend everybody signs up as early as possible and as ever, please let us know your teams in the comments and we look forward to racing against you all season.