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Fantasy Racers reminder - Monaco - Select your F1 driver choices for the upcoming race in Monte Carlo

Published by Christine

Given that Free Practice was yesterday, I've already had a good few hours to contemplate who to have in my team. I've given it some proper thought, evaluated all the options, interviewed all the drivers and... okay, maybe not.

I was tempted to take out Vettel, as Red Bull look like they've taken over all of Webber's bad luck so far this weekend. However, I still have faith in the youngster, so I kept him in. I immediately took Glock out, as Toyota haven't performed well so far. I have a horrible feeling this will be a bad decision, but never mind, it's too late now. I couldn't afford anyone that I wanted for Glock's price, so I decided instead to sell Buemi as well and opt for Massa. The Ferrari seems somewhat improved, and Monaco was his turning point last year. With Hamilton and Massa in the same lineup, this is starting to look eerily like last year!

Felipe Massa9.5
Jenson Button13.8
Lewis Hamilton11.3
Sebastian Vettel12.9

The prices are correct at the time of writing. I have 4.4 million left over this week, and my team value is now 51.9. I think this represents the first time my overall total has gone down. It's a slippery slope, and I'm pretty sure I'm headed that way.

Monaco has confused things slightly, but the deadline for last minute changes to your team is 5pm BST (4pm GMT, 12pm EST). You can still sign up for a team if you haven't already, and join the Sidepodcast league - all the information you need is here. Once you've made your mind up, let us know who you're going for and what strategy you're employing.