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Fantasy Racers reminder - Malaysia - Select your F1 driver choices for the upcoming race in Sepang

Published by Christine

It's not too late to sign up to the Sidepodcast league. Last year, many teams joined mid-way through the season, and plenty of them still managed to beat me. If you want to do so, head on over to Fantasy Racers to set up your team, and you can find joining details for the league here.

Of course, this time round, I'm taking it much more seriously and choosing my driver lineup properly, so you will have a harder time beating me. At the moment, I'm top of the league!! Alright, it's only after one race, and yes, 13 other people got the exact same score as me and I'm only first because I was the earliest top team to sign up to the league. Whatever. I'm still top, and that's all that matters.

So, let me run through what I've done for this weekend in Malaysia. Last week, my lineup was Sutil, Button, Webber, Rosberg, Barrichello and Glock.

Initially, I wanted to get rid of Webber, because let's be honest, he is just too unlucky. I swapped him out for Jarno Trulli, thinking I would like to have a Toyota driver in there. However, I forgot that I already had Glock, so I decided to stick with the Italian and drop the German. Having seen slightly improved performance from the Ferrari boys, I wanted one of those, and decided on Räikkönen rather than Massa. Thinking about it now, that probably wasn't such a great idea as his KERS device clearly isn't stable, and he may be a little on edge now that he's had a cockpit full of smoke. Anyway, I plumped for Kimi, sacrificing Sutil so that I could afford the Finn.

Jarno Trulli7.4
Jenson Button11.9
Kimi Räikkönen9.9
Nico Rosberg8.1
Rubens Barrichello10.1

I was left with 1.6m to spend, and an overal team total of 49 - which isn't a bad profit in just a week. However, I know this is all about the Brawn drivers, and I need them to continue doing well.

Don't forget to create your team, if you haven't already, and update your team if you've got one set up. The deadline is 5pm UK time (which is GMT+1 at the moment). Let us know who you're choosing, or if you're staying with the same lineup as before. Strategies are even more important now the driver prices are changing, so I'd love to hear your thoughts.