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Fantasy Racers reminder - Germany - Select your F1 driver choices for the upcoming race at Nürburgring

Published by Christine

It's been weeks and weeks since I looked at Fantasy Racers. During the last race, we were unexpectedly at the track on Friday and missed the cut off for swapping the team. Now, I am right back on form though, and have chosen for the upcoming German Grand Prix.

Firstly, I decided to give Massa a second chance, mostly because Rob is ace. If it's going to be wet this weekend then I'm going to be very misguided, but Lewis was having problems with his KERS, and right now I trust the Ferrari more than the McLaren. LewHam had to go, and Felipe Baby got the nod. Next, I knew I was happy with Vettel and Button, and remembered that a while back I wanted to purchase Alonso but couldn't quite afford him. I decided to ditch Trulli and grab the Spaniard whilst I could. I don't really have thoughts on Rosberg either way, so I left him in.

Felipe Massa9.8
Fernando Alonso6.9
Jenson Button13.7
Nico Rosberg7.3
Sebastian Vettel13.8

The prices are correct at the time of writing. I have 0.7 million left to spend, which won't get me much, and the total value of my team is 52.2. This means although JB's value went down slightly, Der Seb's improvement has more than counteracted any lasting effects.

To change your own teams, head on over to Fantasy Racers - you've got until 5pm BST (4pm GMT, 12pm EST). Let us know who you go with and why, and if you're not joined up yet, all you need to know is here. Good luck everyone!