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Fantasy Racers reminder - Europe - Select your F1 driver choices for the upcoming race in Valencia

Published by Christine

Here we are, the European Grand Prix, and I almost forgot to change my drivers. More importantly, I almost forgot to remind everyone, and then you all could have blamed me for doing badly.

Firstly, an important note from Fantasy Racers chief Danny:

Just a quick reminder to any players that have Massa, Schumacher or Piquet in their team. None of these drivers will be participating in the European GP, so you should change your driver line-up before the cut-off on Friday 21st.

Last time I had Massa and Alonso, but they were gone when I went to change my team today. So, in their place I chose Hamilton and with just 4.5million remaining, I picked Kubica. I couldn't afford Sutil who I really wanted, he was 0.1 too much. That really says a lot about BMW right now, I think.

Jenson Button11.9
Lewis Hamilton12.9
Nico Rosberg7.9
Robert Kubica4.3
Sebastian Vettel13.2

The prices are correct at the time of writing. I have no money left to spend, and my team value has fallen to 50.2. Something weird has happened whilst I wasn't looking, but I suppose that is my own fault for not keeping tabs over the summer break.

Don't forget you can still join in the fun if you haven't already. Chances are winning the league is out of the question, but there are plenty of battles to be fought and won throughout the field. All you need to know to get started is here, and you've got until 5pm BST (4pm GMT, 12pm EST) to select your drivers. Good luck everyone, and let us know who you're going with.