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Fantasy Racers reminder - Australia - Select your F1 driver choices for the upcoming race in Melbourne

Published by Christine

Firstly, if you haven't set up your team yet, it's really easy to do. Head on over to Fantasy Racers to sign up, and you'll find league details and further instructions here. The Sidepodcast League now boasts over 400 entrants, and if you've not joined already, you're missing out.

Now, let's get on to the business of selecting our teams. The deadline is 5pm GMT (this is not Sidepodtime), which means we have the luxury of having seen both Free Practice sessions which turns out to have been very useful.

Initially, and based on nothing in particular, I chose Alonso, Button, Kubica, Barrichello and Vettel. I assumed Renault would be good (because I want them to be), Brawn for obvious reasons, Kubica because he seems to be the stronger BMW driver, and Vettel because he's the "rising star."

Having seen both Free Practice 1 and Free Practice 2, I have completely and utterly changed my mind. Only the Brawn boys remain.

Adrian Sutil5.0
Jenson Button6.3
Mark Webber6.8
Nico Rosberg7.5
Rubens Barrichello6.3
Timo Glock6.8

I was left with 1.3m to spend, which I think is a pretty good use of resources. I swapped Vettel due to his inability to keep the car on track, Kubica because he basically said the car was undriveable, and Alonso, simply because the car seems to be slow. I brought in Webber, who looks to be doing well, Rosberg because he was quickest twice, and Glock as the Toyota looks pretty handy as well. Sutil was simply because I had the cash, although he didn't do too badly today, either.

So, don't forget to update your team, given all the information we've learned today. If you're not feeling secretive about it, you can share your driver lineup and strategies in the comments, and we can all compare notes.