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Fantasy Racers reminder - Abu Dhabi - Select your F1 driver choices for the upcoming race at Yas Marina

Published by Christine

We were pretty much aware that Button had a good chance at being World Champion this year almost from the first few races. Likewise, in our Sidepodcast Fantasy Racers league, Kathi has had the title sewn up since the beginning.

It's been a really fun competition though, plenty of mid-field battles, and who hasn't enjoyed watching Mr C fall through the ranks each weekend? There is just one more opportunity for him to make amends and that is at the last race in Abu Dhabi.

I ditched my crazy strategy of last time, purchasing the cheapest drivers so I could have a lot of them. Now I have gone to the other extreme and am selecting the elite drivers. Well, the expensive ones anyway.

Jenson Button11.3
Kimi Räikkönen10.0
Lewis Hamilton13.7
Mark Webber10.9

The prices are correct at the time of writing. I ended up with 2.6 million in the bank, bringing my team value to 48.5, which may be the lowest since I started. I can't be sure, though.

It is probably too late to get too involved in the competition, but if you haven't signed up yet, it might be worth checking out Fantasy Racers to see how it works and how you can get involved next year. If you have a team, don't forget the deadline is 5pm UK Time to make your driver selections. Good luck, and let us know who you pick and how you get on.